Halloween candy and why you should treat yo self.

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Hey girl hey ūüėČ …..

Ever seen this fucker before?
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Legit, whoever made this in the kindest of senses can go fuck themselves.

Here is the issue I have with this chart of calories vs activity to burn it with.
Yes this does give a good example of what is in these little bad boys, but hey ever heard of fitting things into your macros? Bitch please, pretty sure I ate 6 reeses cups already today. Don’t see me running for the spin bike just to work it off.

The idea behind this all is basically telling you that,

A: This is a bad food
B: You are bad for eating this food
C: You better be ready to do some jump rope if you scarf that butter finger down your throat.

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Balance is a wonderful thing, and you should never feel guilty for treating yourself.
To each their own but I like treating myself daily instead of picking one day a week where I gorge on 10,000 calories in one sitting and induce binge eating tendencies.

Separating us from these types of foods that we crave can really put an intense weight on our conscious and can easily lead to long term eating disorders such as;

  1. an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.
    • a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods in the belief that they are harmful.
      noun: orthorexia nervosa; plural noun: orthorexia nervosa

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 Signs you may have Orthorexia:

  • Feelings of guilt when deviating from strict diet guidelines
  • Increase in amount of time spent thinking about food
  • Regular advance planning of meals for the next day
  • Feelings of satisfaction, esteem, or spiritual fulfillment from eating ‚Äúhealthy‚ÄĚ
  • Thinking critical thoughts about others who do not adhere to rigorous diets
  • Fear that eating away from home will make it impossible to comply with diet
  • Distancing from friends or family members who do not share similar views about food
  • Avoiding eating food bought or prepared by others
  • Worsening depression, mood swings or anxiety

    Orthorexia recovery:


I have nothing against meal planning, or sticking to foods you feel comfortable with. But when you get to the point of having anxiety because your meals aren’t prepared, having guilt over having that extra spoonful of almond butter,¬†or you missed eating a meal at a certain time; it’s time to take a deeper look at why this is.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit at home all day with a tub of ice cream in my lap. Most of my meals consist of balanced macros that will fill and fuel me throughout the day. But this also doesn’t mean I don’t have that bowl of ice cream at the end of a long day either.
If I want it, I have it, and I make it fit. End of story. Have your cake and eat it too, ever heard of that one?

I think it’s extremely important to make sure we’re seeing the overall picture when it comes to a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise. Easier said than done, yes. But ignoring the signs of a disorder such as orthorexia can send a lot of people into a deep hole that will only get harder to crawl out of.

My advice? Eat that kit kat and whoever tells you otherwise can take a hike, or bike, or elliptical for 10-15 minutes. HA.

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Happy Halloween you babely ghouls.


Cardio is boring – let me help you.


Happy Friday my fitness weirdos.

Bored with cardio? Hate cardio? Dread cardio? Don’t worry you’re not alone here.

Sure I run on the treadmill or flip through copious amounts of trap music while sweating my poor little white girl ass off on the stairmaster or elliptical. These to me are boring. But they are mindless if I don’t really want to think about what I’m doing.

Can I have fun during cardio you ask?

YES, well kind of. You can change it up and trick your mind into keeping busy itself.

let me tell you how..

Have you tried interval training?¬†Not only is this a good way to keep your muscle from burning away on the treadmill, this will help maintain muscle AND burn that extra fat you’re looking to lose.

a couple of my favorite intervals include a full body workout that will maintain muscle and burn fat like the dickens. Yes I said dickens РSUE ME.

First things first, find that big open activity room in the gym, or some space for yourself where you can find it.

There are tons of apps you can get that you can use for interval training.
Here’s the one I use:¬†Interval Timer App

The timing that I follow is usually 1 full minute of each exercise, one to the next.
Once you do one full circuit you take a 1-2 minute rest. This would be after about 5-6 different interval training exercises back to back for a total of 25-30 minutes. Sounds incredibly intense, but trust me you will be surprised at your strength at pushing through.

You’ll obviously want to set up some sort of stations for yourself so you can jump from one to the next as soon as you can.

Interval exercise options

Double Wave or Alternating Wave Rope Slams:
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I’m sure if you’ve been to the gym before you’ve seen people slamming these bad boys around like nobodies business. Not only does this get your heart rate pumping but you’re going to feel this in a lot of your shoulders and triceps. Get them burning!

Deadlift to overhead press
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Now for these your gym will have lighter bars and weights somewhere around. Use these to perform deadlift to overhead press. You don’t need to have major weight on here to have you sweating!

Dumbbell raised squat
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Yes this looks awkward as fuck, but own it. This shapes them hamstrings and glutes big time. Now instead of using two benches a gym will usually have the stackable plastic benches you can put together yourself. Don’t be afraid to drop that ass girl – or guy.

Jump Squats
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Have to love them plyos and what they do for you! Continue to keep your heart rate up with 1 minute of these bad boys. Once again, make sure you get low and make it count!

Wall sit
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cool things down a bit with a wall sit, I usually start or finish my circuit with this one as it will slow your heart rate down, but keep the legs and butt burning.

Elbow to hand plank
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This will not only target your abdominals but also your shoulders, tris and bis.

Bosu ball push ups
Image result for bosu ball push upsImage result for bosu ball push ups
This one is pretty straight forward, there is a huge variation of ways to do bosu ball push ups.I suggest finding your favorite or just one that works best for you. This will target your chest area big time.

Sliding disc crunches
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These will burn like no tomorrow and will target your entire abdominal area.
I found doing these as shown above or including the upside down bosu ball was a great way to get away from normal crunches or ab exercises.

Now go kill it my fitness weirdos, I believe in you.
HAPPY FRIDAY – enjoy your weekend.


Social media vs reality

I did a little social experiment to see if my instagram followers could recognize a very photoshopped photo of myself. I ask, did you notice anything different?


This is a great example of how we are fooled into thinking this is the norm. Instagram is one of the biggest booming social media platforms for the modern day fitness industry.
There are so many #fitspo accounts sharing photoshopped images of women and men’s bodies. How are we supposed to compare? No wonder today’s youth are so obsessed with self image.

As a social media role model you should be showing the true side of yourself, show your audience that it’s okay to be you, every normal flaw from stretch marks to having rolls when you sit down. Not branding and condoning bloating weight loss tea, weight loss wraps, magic pills or waist trainers.¬†FUCK YOUR SELL OUT BULL SHIT.

The unfortunate truth is that you’re only seeing the highlight reels. One picture picked out from one hundred. Photoshopped, air brushed, filtered non-sense. It’s time we recognize what these photos really are. Looking at the above photo I altered it’s hard to tell it’s photoshopped just looking at the one picture by itself.

The reason I wanted to put this forth is so that we can take the time to really observe what we see on the internet. Use your head, think for yourself. Most times these fitspo’s will have something they are trying to sell, whether that be a weight loss program or something terrible such as waist trainers. *insert eye roll here*

This is what we call modern day marketing. Drawing in what people want to see as results for themselves. The sad truth? This isn’t even reality for the person in the photo.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet, my all in all point? Social media is a very construed and fogged mirror.

Thanks for reading