Social media vs reality

I did a little social experiment to see if my instagram followers could recognize a very photoshopped photo of myself. I ask, did you notice anything different?


This is a great example of how we are fooled into thinking this is the norm. Instagram is one of the biggest booming social media platforms for the modern day fitness industry.
There are so many #fitspo accounts sharing photoshopped images of women and men’s bodies. How are we supposed to compare? No wonder today’s youth are so obsessed with self image.

As a social media role model you should be showing the true side of yourself, show your audience that it’s okay to be you, every normal flaw from stretch marks to having rolls when you sit down. Not branding and condoning bloating weight loss tea, weight loss wraps, magic pills or waist trainers. FUCK YOUR SELL OUT BULL SHIT.

The unfortunate truth is that you’re only seeing the highlight reels. One picture picked out from one hundred. Photoshopped, air brushed, filtered non-sense. It’s time we recognize what these photos really are. Looking at the above photo I altered it’s hard to tell it’s photoshopped just looking at the one picture by itself.

The reason I wanted to put this forth is so that we can take the time to really observe what we see on the internet. Use your head, think for yourself. Most times these fitspo’s will have something they are trying to sell, whether that be a weight loss program or something terrible such as waist trainers. *insert eye roll here*

This is what we call modern day marketing. Drawing in what people want to see as results for themselves. The sad truth? This isn’t even reality for the person in the photo.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet, my all in all point? Social media is a very construed and fogged mirror.

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