Tis’ the Season of New Year’s resolutions

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With American Thanksgiving passing, and soon all the Christmas treats rolling into an office staff room near you; a lot of us can have the anxiety of being pulled into an endless binge of mashed potatoes, gravy, and all the little treats here there and in between.

That being said, it isn’t a bad thing to sit back and take a bit of a break from your day to day diet, macro counting routines. With consistency we also need a good healthy dose of doing whatever the fuck we want. This does indeed help us stay sane – no?

With all the food, and booze you can handle. The inevitable date of January 1st 2017 will hit us like a brick wall. What does this mean? New Year’s resolutions.

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Now maybe your resolution is to quit smoking, or perhaps to hit the treadmill on the daily.
No matter what you choose – starting is always the first and most important step.

I know a lot of people who are annoyed as soon as January rolls around, mostly due to the New Year’s resolutioners filling up more space at the gym. Using machines and not knowing how to work them properly.

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Everyone needs to start somewhere, and I remember the first time walking into a gym and not having a clue what to do or how to do it, and guaranteed this is exactly how YOU felt the first time walking into a gym; I bet you felt just as awkward and out of place.

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Advice to support resolutioners:

Let your ego go, and help them out.
Sharing that little bit of space, or helping someone you can see is struggling doesn’t take much effort. You could very well be the reason that person decides to stick to their goals and try to achieve them. Making those new comers more comfortable in that type of environment is nothing but a way proving your decency as a human being.

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Acknowledgement, positive reinforcement and recognition.
Throwing a smile and asking how someone is doing or if they need a hand is a great way to help them with their confidence in and outside the gym. Like I said before, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a decent human being. If you acknowledge them for their hard work they’ve been putting in this could very well be the smallest gesture to keep them going.

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Advice to the resolutioners: 

Keep your focus on you, and your goals.
It will be hard at first, comparison can be a killer mentally. Just know that everyone has started from the bottom and worked their way up. Never be ashamed of who you are and what you’re there to achieve. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 30.

Hire a reputable, certified, trainer or coach.
Not everyone can afford this but it is always a good start to have someone keeping you accountable. Keep in mind results don’t come from your trainer, results come from your time and effort put in. Be cautious in hiring online coaches; speak to people who have worked directly with their programs before hopping into that commitment. You will not want a cookie-cutter diet program!

Do a bit of research.
Look into whether you would rather macro count, meal plan, clean eat. See what makes the best fit for you. I went through a lot of different types of nutrition until I found what suited me best. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to google what a certain exercise was or how to properly perform it. It was embarrassing not knowing what I was doing, but it is a part of the learning curve. I read article after article on different types of exercise, what would benefit me most to reach my specific goals and the healthiest ways to achieve them.

Track your progress.
Tracking your progress by photos and how you feel psychically will keep you determined and dedicated to getting to where you want to be. Please DO NOT USE A SCALE. These numbers are nothing but your relationship with gravity. They do not measure how you feel and or look. Throw that out the window and stay focused on the important factors.

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oh and of course..

Don’t be afraid to take a break (diet and exercise).
I’ll say this time and time again, rest and recovery is a very important part of properly losing any sort of weight or gaining any sort of muscle. Eat a donut if you want it, keep your mental health in check and don’t deprive yourself of things you like.

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Tis the season!




Overtraining: why rest days are so important

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I spoke with an acquaintance not long ago, seeing how their training was going (as they are trying to lose weight). Naturally I asked how many times they are hitting the gym each week. My jaw nearly hit the floor when they said SEVEN DAYS. No I’m not talking about the movie “The Grudge” although to me personally it isn’t nearly as scary as this acquaintances training regimen.

Seven. Fucking. Days.
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I don’t remember the last time I clocked out that much. A girl needs her naps, amaright?

Now, as I always say, to each their own. But in this case I need to speak my peace before my head explodes.

Guess what this is called? Overtraining.

The effects overtraining can have on your mind and body:

Weight Loss plateau
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Your weight loss will be halted and can stay that way for a great length of time until your body adjusts again to a proper and normal routine. A lot of people have the misconception that pushing your body to the ultimate limits is the only way to lose weight. Let me give it to you straight, this is so completely wrong.

Muscle  growth stunted
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Your muscles require rest. When we train we create tiny tears in our muscles which NEED rest to recover and grow properly. Don’t forget – more muscle = more fat burn. Muscle recovery = more muscle. Simple math bitches.

Inconsistent or completely stopped menstrual cycle
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If your menstrual cycle is inconsistent or has stopped completely this is your body telling you that YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG. I didn’t have my period for over a year, and as much as a bitch as aunt flo can be; she’s there for a reason.

Extreme mood swings
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While training and exercise can be a great outlet as an antidepressant , studies have shown that overtraining can actually lead to anxiety and depression from putting your body through such extreme measures.

Lack of proper sleep
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Needing large amounts of sleep to fuel your training and or being unable to sleep, even when you’re absolutely exhausted, are both indicators that something is wrong.

Gym is your life, and steals about 80-90% of you day
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I can’t stress enough about finding your training and day to day life balance. Overworking and obsessing with something such as training can have vast negative effects that can emotionally, mentally AND psychically damage you both in short and long term effects.

Ultimately leading to BURNOUT
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Running yourself into the ground is just that. You will eventually need to slow down, your body will get to the point of enough is enough. Your immune system will plummet, you will get sick, if you train while sick, you will become a whole next level of unwell.
Take it from me! Training with pneumonia was probably the dumbest thing a person could do.

Believe it or not this is OBSESSION AND ADDICTION.

How to move forward and take a rest:

It sounds simple but can be a big and extremely difficult task at hand.
You will feel anxiety, you will feel depression, you will feel the need to get up and do anything to keep your mind busy from the fact that you are not working out that day.

My suggestion would be to have “active rest days” to steer you in the right direction.
An active rest day can be anything from taking a short walk, to perhaps some sort of relaxing yoga. Something that is still active but not nearly as strenuous or damaging as hard training day in day out.

from active rest days you can slowly but surely start to have your full rest days of recovery without the mental and emotional strain that would be normally caused by cutting off a couple days of training cold turkey.

Do yourself the favor and SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. You’re getting nowhere by staying on the hamster wheel every goddamn second of your life. Whoever told you that this is “dedication” “commitment” and “discipline” can shove it up their ass. Take a nap, eat some pizza, and enjoy the hell out of your free time. Work life balance my friend.

Have a great week fit babes!


The 1,200 Calorie diet

If you live and breathe then I’m sure you’ve come across the 1,200 calorie rule. Whether you’re a woman or a man this number has haunted the fitness and weight loss industry for YEARS. Why is this a bad thing? Let me break it down for you;

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The average person requires 1,450 calories just to sit still and do absolutely nothing.

If you’re eating 1,200 calories and trying to push an intense work out, play a soccer game, perform in circus soleil, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re sending your body into almost a state of shock. The kind where your body is scrambling to find a source of fuel, BECAUSE YOU’RE STARVING YOURSELF.

What a 1,200 calorie diet looks like

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1/2 of what I’m currently eating in a day, this speaks volumes.

You will lose weight, but at what cost?

This “diet” can set your scale back 2-3lbs a week. Once again these pounds that are being shed off will easily be put back on after increasing your caloric intake. This is caused from your bodies metabolism being damaged and overworked. Some of those pounds will be coming from your muscle mass as your body won’t have enough fuel from food to feed off of during any activity. A damaged metabolism is extremely hard to turn around, just ask me!

Energy in vs energy out

My old coach Kalim (Ripped to Shredz) was one of the most fantastic people that I’ve gained so much knowledge from regarding nutrition and training. Nonetheless he taught me your body can’t just run on fumes. You need to continuously work on feeding and fueling your body properly in order to achieve power in your activity.   Want some math? – click the link. I’m not good with big words, I’m practically a cave woman. *insert disgusting grunt here*

Dieting to starve yourself makes you miserable, let’s face the facts.

Nobody really wants to eat that smelly spinach with no dressing, boiled chicken, and a tall glass of ice water on the side. I like having my balanced meals of lots of veggies, a good seasoned steak and baby potatoes. I like to enjoy my meals, as I should! Eating should never ever be a terrible experience at your own accord. The best advice I can give is find a trainer or coach or nutritionist who is willing you work with you on your goals but not create a fear or food, or eating more. Yes you can eat more and lose weight – It is possible!
Take the word “diet” out and replace it with happy balanced eating.

Hop on the continuous binge cycle

Going along with the above statement, crash dieting like this also induces binge cycles.
You go hard for a week of strict meals under a caloric deficit no one should be under, you hit the weekend and you go crazy with eating everything in sight. Come Monday you feel the guilt again and start all over. Now what kind of favour are you doing for yourself here?
Your body requires and craves fuel – don’t ignore your hunger and need for this. Keeping a steady healthy caloric intake throughout the week will help you stay on track, stay full, fueled and ready for what’s next.

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Enjoy your food, your life, and never let the gym or “diet” interfere with your happiness.

Cheers fit babes.



Why detoxing, cleansing and wrapping is bullshit…

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Its remarkably easy to be pulled in the direction of celebrity endorsements of juicing, cleansing, body wrapping or weight loss tea. You see these women and or men looking tight and virtually free of any fat on their bodies, of course it works! Look at them! That could be me!


Weight loss tea
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The hard truth? Sorry, that tea you’re drinking that tastes and looks like shit, isn’t going to do shit. The amount of fitness models promoting weight loss tea is astronomical. But here’s why. They get PAID to tell you these things work. They were approached by these companies because of their current figure that would pull people into thinking it’s worthwhile, when really the person promoting it probably doesn’t even touch the crap at all.

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Don’t even get me started on juicing. That cold pressed organic kale that you’re sipping on that tastes like a mouth full of seawater and seaweed isn’t going to cure you of cancer, or make your skin glow. The only way these juices help you lose weight is when you’re only limiting yourself to drinking juice all day everyday and not touching any other food besides that. Please for the love of god don’t go on a juice diet to lose weight; as soon as you so much as smell a solid meal you’ll put those pounds right back on. This is called throwing your body into starvation mode, and nobody wants a fucked up metabolism.

Cayenne pepper and lemon water aka “The Master Cleanse”

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The amount of women I know who have done this is ridiculous. Sorry but this legitimately does nothing for your body except go in your digestive system and out your bladder. Just like juicing, sure you’ll lose weight. This is because you’re putting nothing else but liquid into your body. YOU ARE MALNOURISHING YOUR BODY, YOU ARE STARVING YOURSELF – DUH!

“It works” body wraps

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Let me start by saying whatever pounds you lose using these body wraps is strictly WATER WEIGHT. I admit these are a good way to tighten up before a shoot or before a competition. But this is in no way shape or form a way to lose body fat. You are seriously being scammed if you think otherwise. If you seriously want to do this, grab some butt cream, lather your body in it and sleep wrapped up in saran wrap. ta-da presto! Literally the same shit.

If you want to use these things that is all your choice, but trust me when I say these are not a permanent OR healthy way to try and lose weight. This is NOT cleansing your body of any toxins and you are most likely starving your body of proper nutrition and actually slowing your metabolism by doing so, in tern making it harder for you to actually lose body fat in the long run.

Want to cleanse your body? Here’s the solution; your kidneys and liver are your bodies natural detoxifier. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND PEE A LOT.

Use your head, these “quick fixes” are nothing of what they claim to be. What you see on the surface is just that, a scam to make a buck off of you.

Take proper time and guidance to lose weight and you will learn and grow and realize these things are nothing but bullshit.

Happy Friday fit fam.