Why detoxing, cleansing and wrapping is bullshit…

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Its remarkably easy to be pulled in the direction of celebrity endorsements of juicing, cleansing, body wrapping or weight loss tea. You see these women and or men looking tight and virtually free of any fat on their bodies, of course it works! Look at them! That could be me!


Weight loss tea
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The hard truth? Sorry, that tea you’re drinking that tastes and looks like shit, isn’t going to do shit. The amount of fitness models promoting weight loss tea is astronomical. But here’s why. They get PAID to tell you these things work. They were approached by these companies because of their current figure that would pull people into thinking it’s worthwhile, when really the person promoting it probably doesn’t even touch the crap at all.

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Don’t even get me started on juicing. That cold pressed organic kale that you’re sipping on that tastes like a mouth full of seawater and seaweed isn’t going to cure you of cancer, or make your skin glow. The only way these juices help you lose weight is when you’re only limiting yourself to drinking juice all day everyday and not touching any other food besides that. Please for the love of god don’t go on a juice diet to lose weight; as soon as you so much as smell a solid meal you’ll put those pounds right back on. This is called throwing your body into starvation mode, and nobody wants a fucked up metabolism.

Cayenne pepper and lemon water aka “The Master Cleanse”

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The amount of women I know who have done this is ridiculous. Sorry but this legitimately does nothing for your body except go in your digestive system and out your bladder. Just like juicing, sure you’ll lose weight. This is because you’re putting nothing else but liquid into your body. YOU ARE MALNOURISHING YOUR BODY, YOU ARE STARVING YOURSELF – DUH!

“It works” body wraps

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Let me start by saying whatever pounds you lose using these body wraps is strictly WATER WEIGHT. I admit these are a good way to tighten up before a shoot or before a competition. But this is in no way shape or form a way to lose body fat. You are seriously being scammed if you think otherwise. If you seriously want to do this, grab some butt cream, lather your body in it and sleep wrapped up in saran wrap. ta-da presto! Literally the same shit.

If you want to use these things that is all your choice, but trust me when I say these are not a permanent OR healthy way to try and lose weight. This is NOT cleansing your body of any toxins and you are most likely starving your body of proper nutrition and actually slowing your metabolism by doing so, in tern making it harder for you to actually lose body fat in the long run.

Want to cleanse your body? Here’s the solution; your kidneys and liver are your bodies natural detoxifier. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND PEE A LOT.

Use your head, these “quick fixes” are nothing of what they claim to be. What you see on the surface is just that, a scam to make a buck off of you.

Take proper time and guidance to lose weight and you will learn and grow and realize these things are nothing but bullshit.

Happy Friday fit fam.


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