The 1,200 Calorie diet

If you live and breathe then I’m sure you’ve come across the 1,200 calorie rule. Whether you’re a woman or a man this number has haunted the fitness and weight loss industry for YEARS. Why is this a bad thing? Let me break it down for you;

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The average person requires 1,450 calories just to sit still and do absolutely nothing.

If you’re eating 1,200 calories and trying to push an intense work out, play a soccer game, perform in circus soleil, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re sending your body into almost a state of shock. The kind where your body is scrambling to find a source of fuel, BECAUSE YOU’RE STARVING YOURSELF.

What a 1,200 calorie diet looks like

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1/2 of what I’m currently eating in a day, this speaks volumes.

You will lose weight, but at what cost?

This “diet” can set your scale back 2-3lbs a week. Once again these pounds that are being shed off will easily be put back on after increasing your caloric intake. This is caused from your bodies metabolism being damaged and overworked. Some of those pounds will be coming from your muscle mass as your body won’t have enough fuel from food to feed off of during any activity. A damaged metabolism is extremely hard to turn around, just ask me!

Energy in vs energy out

My old coach Kalim (Ripped to Shredz) was one of the most fantastic people that I’ve gained so much knowledge from regarding nutrition and training. Nonetheless he taught me your body can’t just run on fumes. You need to continuously work on feeding and fueling your body properly in order to achieve power in your activity.   Want some math? – click the link. I’m not good with big words, I’m practically a cave woman. *insert disgusting grunt here*

Dieting to starve yourself makes you miserable, let’s face the facts.

Nobody really wants to eat that smelly spinach with no dressing, boiled chicken, and a tall glass of ice water on the side. I like having my balanced meals of lots of veggies, a good seasoned steak and baby potatoes. I like to enjoy my meals, as I should! Eating should never ever be a terrible experience at your own accord. The best advice I can give is find a trainer or coach or nutritionist who is willing you work with you on your goals but not create a fear or food, or eating more. Yes you can eat more and lose weight – It is possible!
Take the word “diet” out and replace it with happy balanced eating.

Hop on the continuous binge cycle

Going along with the above statement, crash dieting like this also induces binge cycles.
You go hard for a week of strict meals under a caloric deficit no one should be under, you hit the weekend and you go crazy with eating everything in sight. Come Monday you feel the guilt again and start all over. Now what kind of favour are you doing for yourself here?
Your body requires and craves fuel – don’t ignore your hunger and need for this. Keeping a steady healthy caloric intake throughout the week will help you stay on track, stay full, fueled and ready for what’s next.

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Enjoy your food, your life, and never let the gym or “diet” interfere with your happiness.

Cheers fit babes.



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