5 workout mistakes you don’t realize you’re making

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What up ‘fit fam’ – its me; your long lost blunt blogging friend.

 cat cats working typing hacker GIFIt doesn’t take a professional to know when you’re making simple mistakes that can take away from muscle building and or fat burning. So let me hit you with some knowledge, m’kay?





Cheezburger dogs get stairs pugs GIFKickbacks on the stairmaster:

God damn, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Sorry to be the barer of bad news but these kick backs aren’t “building your booty shelf” – you’re also defeating the purpose of the stair master by hanging on for dear life.

This of course brings us to the next of the accused;

 cats drag transport dragging swiffer GIFLeaning, hanging, and pushing yourself up on the stairmaster/treadmill:

This takes away from the actual stamina you’re building WHILE NOT holding on the to stupid thing. Heres some advice, slow down the level and find a challenging but not overbearing pace so that you can slowly build your stamina up AND NOT hang on the to sides or slouch over the bars. If you’re going to put your time and effort in, make it count, duh. Push yourself and make REAL progress.

 shake weight GIFFlailing, or making your reps with motion from other parts of your body and not on the focus area:

I’m sure we have a lot of guilty contenders out there slamming out their reps, not concentrating on form or the muscle area itself. It’s easy to throw your arm into a curl that is getting perpetual motion from swinging the weight back. Easy fix, lighten the load, take your time, and focus on the squueeeeeze.

 dog animals bulldog treadmill GIF
Constantly using the same cardio / weight training routine day in day out:

Well, lets just make a point clear; your body adjusts and gets use to what it is doing, just like if you were to continually use the same routine every day, yes you will build muscle in the first while, but your body will almost become immune once you have reached your peak of repetitiveness. Change that up, make things interesting, and challenge your body further to grow more muscle and burn more fat.

 weight GIFBody weight exercises only:

For the love of god, can you please stop relying solely on body weight exercises?
YES – great to an extent, but once again your body will adjust eventually, and you will halt in any sort of progress both build and strength wise. I get that these can be a comfortable start for anyone just beginning in training, and hell yeah do you boo. But recognize when it’s time to move on to heavier and more challenging training. Especially if you’re focused on progressing further.

All in all, there is a lot of misinformation out there, have your wits about you and know when you need to push yourself harder.

Have a great week fit babes



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