Women lifting women up

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Lets face the bold truth. Insecurity, self-doubt, and low self esteem can really equal out to very vindictive, angry, and hurtful actions.

Time and time again I’ve seen countless examples of women tearing other women down, intentionally trying to intercept their stride and purposely assassinate their self esteem. This is not only a problem women face everyday but also men. This can create a domino effect of envy, jealousy, and cruel intention to bring another person down.

This is an incredibly large issue that we have all faced forever. In one way or another there will always be people that will cross your path and create an unnecessary shit storm of mental and emotional drainage.

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I’m just going to call it for what it is; bullying.

Now, not only is trying to figure out who the hell you are as a person tough enough. But learning to love yourself for being you can be a very daunting task. I could go on about loving yourself, and looking in the mirror and blowing kisses to your ego, but lets be real here. That shit only pulls so far.

Rise above this bullshit and really see things for what they are.

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When I see or hear another person being a complete rude ass hole about someone else it just screams insecurity to me. There is no point in putting your energy into trying to tear apart someone else. Use that energy else where, like on not being a shitty person. COOL RIGHT?

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Ladies,  judging someone else is none of your business. If a girl wants to sleep with 100 dudes, none of your business. If a girl wants to wear a sweater or a crop top, none of your business. What ever happened to girl power? Build-each-other-up.

One thing that shocked me joining in with the fitness culture craze is how accepting and supportive the women were. For years I couldn’t look at myself without pointing out flaws, and hating myself for everything that I was and everything that I wasn’t. Before getting to know these amazing women I judged them, hard.

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“They’re so full of themselves” is probably one of the more frequent sentences thrown around. Turns out, no, they’re not. It took them a long time as well to find their inner peace with themselves, just like me.

And that is why they were so welcoming, warm, and supportive. They had been where I was for the longest time. They understood the years of torment I had been putting myself through. Battling self esteem and insecurity for years turned me bitter towards a lot of women. I soon came to the realization that because someone else is beautiful doesn’t mean you are not. Everyone is so unique and radiant in their own way – both physically and mentally.

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This is why women empowering women is so incredibly important to me. I still to this day receive hateful and terrible comments – whether that be online or in person. But the part I now understand is that those people are at a place in their lives where they haven’t yet discovered that you don’t need to dim someone else’s light to shine brighter. You both can shine, equally.

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Take the time to tell a woman in your life that she is bright, brilliant and resilient.
You may just inspire that light to carry though to other women in her life.

Happy Friday fit babes


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