Posed vs Natural – how to take proper progress photos

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You’ve seen the before and after photos plastered all over social media. Whether its a fitness guru’s Instagram promoting their training programs, or a weight-loss supplement ad that popped up 10 times while trying to read an article on buzz feed.

A lot of these do look legitimate, no? Of course they do! You’re seeing what you want to see. Progress or what our eye thinks progress should look like. Lets be real here for a second; how many of you have seen a bikini competitor, or fitness personality post a photo of their not posed photos. Lighting, angles, apparel, and background can all make the difference in seeing something that fools our eye to what is the REAL life image before us.

I wanted to make a bold move and take an photo that would not be posed, edited, filtered, angled, and prepared to make myself and my body look the best it can be.
I wanted to actually take a photo of my worst angle, worst lighting, without a hint of filtered hue. Why you ask? Because I know there are some of you out there who admire a body that essentially doesn’t look the way it does 24/7 on social media. Here’s a little proof of what real vs posed looks like;

Flexed abdominal, shoulders back, chest out, hips slightly forward to fully show the “V” line, warmer but dim lighting to cute more defined lines in muscle, spray tanned, and filtered.
Not such a natural stance.

Vs the real me, sitting up in bed, no special lighting, no editing, no filters, no flexing.
The real me 99% of the time:

we-all-have-fat. AND THAT IS OKAY.

So before you go ridiculing yourself, asking why you don’t have round the clock hard abs, give yourself a reality check. Its okay to have rolls, to sit up and have a belly, to have your thighs touch or not touch. To feel jiggling in places.

If you’re looking to take progress photos here is the best way to get a real idea of how you look or normal daily basis. This way you can track your progression in a realistic manner!


– Pose relaxed and straight
– Wear the same items of clothing in every picture (sports bra, shorts, underwear etc)
– Take your photos in the same place, in natural straight on lighting
– Take your progress pictures every week – two weeks on the same day, roughly the same time
– Don’t let others “progress” photos deter your progress of yourself. Your chapter 1 may not compare to someones chapter 20, and there are a lot of deception when it comes to “progress pictures”. Focus on yourself, your goals and YOUR progression.

Do not let your physique define you, you are so much more than that bullshit. You’ll do a lot more by constantly giving yourself positive reinforcement rather than negative.

Happy Thursday fit babes,



2 thoughts on “Posed vs Natural – how to take proper progress photos

  1. Deb Osorio says:

    Thanks for this post. It’s hard enough to get motivated (and stay motivated), but over the years I’ve learned to take most photos I see with a grain of salt. I don’t take progress pics because I don’t have the best lighting, so it’s usually off anyway.

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