Read this before purchasing an Instagram fitness model exercise program – buyer beware

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We all know them; the fitness Instagram model. Now before you ridicule me on labeling or categorizing, hear me out; Whatever teeny tiny bikini or nothing at all they choose to wear, that is cool and I support loving your body in next to nothing – YOU DO YOU BOO. Naked or not this isn’t what I’m getting at. Whatever you decide to do with your own time (and money) truly is your choice (duh). I’m not hear to talk down about certain women, I’m just here to protect others from poor training! Yay!

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Let me break it down for you in type A and type B;

Type A:
-Usually 10K + bought fake followers/likes
-Pictures with a large quantity of airbrushing and Photoshop
-Lots of butt angled photos (sex does sell)
-Competed once and promotes selling exercise and diet programs (no certification/education)
-Surgically enhanced (Butt implants / Lypo / even fake muscle inserts) –  no I am not talking about boobs.
-Examples: 60 day booty programs consisting of body weight squats
-Posts videos of poorly executed and or butchered exercises
this even includes FAKE WEIGHTS to show how “strong” they have made themselves… what the fuck?
-Promotes and advertises products such as fit tea, wraps, waist sinchers, diet pills, hair and nail growing pills and all that great bullshit.
– #fitnessguru (nope)

Type B:
-Genuine followers/likes
-Pictures of their real gym faces/apparel
-Post knowledgeable and insightful exercise videos/advice – not to mention, actually executing them properly
-Educated and CERTIFIED to create diet and exercise programs – C-E-R-T-I-F-I-E-D is the key word here
-Promotes sponsorship’s and or products that are healthy and they actually truly believe that will help others (not quick fix BS)
– #realfitness (yas)

The difference between buying a program from type A and type B are going to be incredibly diverse.

People seeing a rock solid chiseled body photographed and edited with a side of $20 a month program that promises them the same in a short amount of time, only one catch, ruining your body and feeling like a complete piece of shit. What could go wrong? Everything. Please also note that some of these people love to charge outrageous prices for uneducated and poor quality programs, buyer beware.

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Some questions to ask prior to sending your hard earned cash over:

-A copy of their certification from their education/background
-If they communicate one on one with you or if you’re going to be added to a “community” (lol)
-What their style of training consists of
-What their outlook on cardio is (please don’t follow someone who puts you on more than 1 hour of cardio a day)
-Who their trainer is (if they happen to have one)
-Do your research on them, play detective
-Ask for references and or speak to others who train or have trained with them

A genuine trainer is going to help you achieve your goals in a healthy timely manner. No extreme diets, no over the top cardio and all that crap. It takes hard discipline of course! But feeling like you’re dying is not a necessity to being fit.

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Unfortunately these uneducated and not so knowledgeable Instagram models are making it extremely difficult for the real MVP’s of the industry to promote health and fitness in a proper manner. They’ve caused confusion to potential clients by promoting a whack of bullshit, and fake forefront of what “fit” supposedly is.

Don’t fall for that shit you beautiful souls, you’re so much better than that – and smarter!
Do your research and don’t hop on the band wagon of fake fitness.

Happy Friday my fit babes.

*awaits hate mail*
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Chickiedough – the Edmonton made raw “cookie dough” without the guilt

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Anybody with social media I”m sure has seen the new craze of raw cookie dough parlors – handing out cookie dough portioned in cups or cones similar to ice cream. Undoubtedly so, a lot of people stray from these treats due to the unhealthy label thrown around (but don’t worry, we still treat ourselves)
To the people that may be in prep mode, dieting down for summer, or just generally trying to eat “better”; Well, I have a treat for you.

Chickiedough is an Edmonton made dessert hummus that contains ingredients such as coconut milk, brown sugar and peanuts. All natural ingredients, and when combined, it makes an incredibly delightful, tasty, and filling treat to curb your cravings.


The Chickiedough team (Alissa, Debbie, and Amanda)


Chickiedough comes in two regular flavors of Chocolate chip and of course peanut butter and always a monthly featured flavor. Both are amazing and completely hit the mark on anyone tracking macros.
The perfect for pre-workout for any weight lifting or high intensity training.

Macros to eat 175g (an entire container!)

Chocolate chip
9P-56C-13F and 6 Fibre

Peanut butter
15P-60C-23F and 8 Fibre


You can find Chickidough at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8AM-3PM!

Check out their social media here:


Have a great weekend fit babes, and check out Chickiedough this Saturday!


Top 5 classic Edmonton brunch spots to hit up this weekend


Happy Friday my fitness misfits (say that ten times fast)

because you know, millennials spend all their money on brunch and avocado toast rather than purchasing a bungalow; here’s the best of the classic brunch spots in Edmonton (in my personal and or hungry opinion)

1. Cafe Mosaics 
Photo credit: asitura
Where do I start. Not only some of the most beautiful presentation of food I’ve ever seen but all fresh and top of the line ingredients. An all vegan restaurant that could make even the biggest meat eater come to their knees. Hit this place up for their amazing lattes, great food, awesome service, and of course cozy atmosphere.

2. Sugar Bowl
Photo credit: lov3stia

If you’re a born and raised Edmontonian guaranteed you’ve been to or know of the Sugar Bowl. Aside from having a huge and awesome selection of brews their brunch is hard to beat. Chicken and waffles to giant cinnamon buns, not only do you get a great bang for your buck but a tasty one at that.

3. The High Level Diner
Photo credit: liwen1011

The high level diner has been an outstanding place to eat year after year. Featured on “You’ve gotta eat here” their brunch takes the cake for satisfying that morning hunger for a hot cup of coffee and a hearty plate of goodness. All locally sourced ingredients and always top of the line service. Not to mention also neighbors to the Sugar Bowl! Check out this Edmonton classic.

4. The Duchess
Photo credit: pommietravels

Although not technically a brunch, all the pastries, cakes, treats, teas, lattes, and more will be sure to tickle your fancy. Recognized nationally for their amazing baked goods this isn’t a place you want to miss out on. If you haven’t been – go… go now… get in your vehicle and hustle over there.

5. Route 99 Diner
Photo credit: isabelle_pham

Last but not least, my favorite classic breakfast joint in Edmonton. Route 99 Diner has not only been around for ages, but they make some mean platters of any and all breakfast food you could possibly conjure up. I don’t know how many times I’ve dragged my hungover self-loathing pathetic butt over to one of their vintage red leather booths. Cheap, greasy, and of course perfection.

Hope these little hot spots will make your weekend that much greater!

Cheers fit babes, get that eggs benny in ya.