Chickiedough – the Edmonton made raw “cookie dough” without the guilt

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Anybody with social media I”m sure has seen the new craze of raw cookie dough parlors – handing out cookie dough portioned in cups or cones similar to ice cream. Undoubtedly so, a lot of people stray from these treats due to the unhealthy label thrown around (but don’t worry, we still treat ourselves)
To the people that may be in prep mode, dieting down for summer, or just generally trying to eat “better”; Well, I have a treat for you.

Chickiedough is an Edmonton made dessert hummus that contains ingredients such as coconut milk, brown sugar and peanuts. All natural ingredients, and when combined, it makes an incredibly delightful, tasty, and filling treat to curb your cravings.


The Chickiedough team (Alissa, Debbie, and Amanda)


Chickiedough comes in two regular flavors of Chocolate chip and of course peanut butter and always a monthly featured flavor. Both are amazing and completely hit the mark on anyone tracking macros.
The perfect for pre-workout for any weight lifting or high intensity training.

Macros to eat 175g (an entire container!)

Chocolate chip
9P-56C-13F and 6 Fibre

Peanut butter
15P-60C-23F and 8 Fibre


You can find Chickidough at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8AM-3PM!

Check out their social media here:


Have a great weekend fit babes, and check out Chickiedough this Saturday!


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